The Mission

The selection of key executives and the quality of a company’s management
team are the most important factors in a business’ success or failure when change causes a company to seek an executive with special talents from outside their organization, few companies have the time, knowledge or expertise to conduct an organized and thorough search on their own.

Our mission is to successfully complete every search assignment and
capture, for our company client, the most versatile candidate in the shortest
possible time.

We establish a search plan that factors the critical elements of the
search to determine a realistic closure date. These elements include developing a thorough
position description, determining and indentifying the size and dispersion of the potential candidate population, agreeing upon the selection criteria and the agreed upon evaluation procedure.

We recognize that most hiring managers put at risk their own personal management performance
when we are retained. We respond to that trust with professional service,
competence, quality, proven methods, high energy and creativity.

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