Search Types

Over 80% of Byron Leonard International’s business comes from repeat client companies and 15% comes from referrals. We predominately perform Full Service Retained Searches, but on occasion unbundle other services that better fit the special business needs of a client company. We are focused on meeting clients needs in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.



BLI’s primary service which is the most effective way for your company to attract and hire executives, managers and key staff who will immediately excel in their assigned responsiblities

Exclusive Retainer Relationship

Fee as a percent of compensation (or fixed price) plus expenses

BLI creates a detailed multi-page position description that serves as a client requirements contract and as candidate marketing tool.

BLI’s in-house research staff develops target company function specific organizational data, typically 100% of which is new for the assignment.

Strive for 125-100 well targeted prospects, yielding 10-15 interested qualified individuals, resulting in 3-5 motivated, interested and qualified candidates

Structured Status Review occurs in 4-6 weeks and is documented in a 3 ring binder (resumes, target company research, interview reports, references, etc.)

Resumes of finalist candidates typically available in 30-40 days

BLI meets with the leading candidates and supplements you interview and evaluation process with an independent assessment of strengths and weaknesses relative to the position

Strive for completion of the executive search in 60-90 days.



BLI facilitates your company’s recruiting process by sourcing, recruiting and telephone screening of carefully targeted prospective candidates. This service is most effective for the recruitment of key staff or first level management positions where specific skill or experience is the dominant hiring criterion.

Exclusive Retainer Relationship

Fee based on a fixed price plus expenses

Cost is typically half of a Full Service Retained Search

BLI completes the first half of the Full Retained Search including the creation of a detailed multi-page position description (refer to The Process: Step 1 through step 4 )

Cost effective because the client company assumes the full responcsiblity for the interview, evaluation, offer and negotiation processess (refer toThe Process: Step 5 through step 8)

Strive for 50-75 well targeted prospects, yielding 8-12 resumes of indivivduals with appropriate backgrounds, resulting in 3-5 motivated, interested and qualified candidates typically in 30-40 days



BLI provides function specific organizational data to assist your Company’s recruiters and management to source, recruit and evaluate candidates on your own.

Supported by our refined research methodology, knowledge, contacts and databases accumulated in over 15 years of executive search.

Fee based on fixed price (or cost per hour) plus expences

BLI selects target companies from:

clients’s position requirements
industry positioning
company culture
stage of company development

Strive to generate sufficient prospects for your recruiters to produce:

15-20 candidates with appropriate backgrounds
8-10 well qualified candidates
4-6 highly qualified interested candidates

BLI can provide you company with research into any industry, any company, any level of management, including individual contributors in most functions

Hundreds of completed projects as examples.