Targeted Recruitment Search

BLI facilitates your company’s recruiting process by sourcing, recruiting and telephone screening of carefully targeted prospective candidates. This service is most effective for the recruitment of key staff or first level management positions where specific skill or experience is the dominant hiring criterion.

Exclusive Retainer Relationship

Fee based on a fixed price plus expenses

Cost is typically half of a Full Service Retained Search

BLI completes the first half of the Full Retained Search including the creation of a detailed multi-page position description (refer to The Process: Step 1 through step 4 )

Cost effective because the client company assumes the full responcsiblity for the interview, evaluation, offer and negotiation processess (refer to The Process: Step 5 through step 8)

Strive for 50-75 well targeted prospects, yielding 8-12 resumes of indivivduals with appropriate backgrounds, resulting in 3-5 motivated, interested and qualified candidates typically in 30-40 days

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